Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wrong Folder in Handbrake

I've been getting a steady stream of DVDs lately because Amazon has such amazing deals. Today, I decided to start ripping them to my PC so I can put them on my iPhone. So I stick in Shawshank Redemption. I fire up DVD43 (just in case), Handbrake, click the iPhone profile, and press start. The window opens and closes. I try again, nothing. I take out the disk, restart the software, then put it in and start Handbrake again. Nothing. I finally end up thinking that it must have some bizzare protection that DVD43 can't get around.

So then I stick in I Am Legend. Same thing. Now this seems fishy. I am shaking my head wondering HandBrake is failing me when I notice that the path is to "C:\Bry\My Videos" instead of "C:\Bry\Bry Videos." I change it, press start, then see "Encoding task 1 of 1."

I think it's honstly stupid that the folder has to exist for Handbrake to work. Can't it, ya know, create it, or at least ask me? Or even bring it up in the Log? Anyway, I feel stupid. But at least I didn't lose alot of time to it like some of my other hurr durr moments.


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