Sunday, November 28, 2010


I swear, my hand to god, I thought this up a long time ago. Well, I pondered it, but I never actually put it through. Anyway, it's a shirt over on Woot!.

Here's what they are, if you don't know (I didn't know a few):
c - the Apple logo
o - the Ubuntu logo
e - the Debian logo
x- the skyOS logo
i  - the ChromeOS logo as the dot
s - the Solaris logo over the "s"
t - the Windows logo

I seriously had already picked out a few; I too realized that Apple would make a good C and that Ubuntu would make a good O. However, I was possibly thinking that the Windows logo turned slightly would make a good X. I didn't know the Solaris logo, but the artist kind of adapted it a bit, but it still works well. I can't help but think there could have been a better "i", since ChromeOS is not exactly all that popular. And I've never heard of skyOS until this very moment.

But the real reason I love this shirt is the poem that was written with it; allow me to share (and I did not write this, so no credit to me):

There’s often lots of fumin’, and battle lines get drawn
It’s because we’re only human, but what’s really going on?
Well, Apple looks quite nice but everything inside is quirky.
And plus the users tend to be defensive and quite jerky.
Ubuntu has a lot to give and usually runs fine,
But they’ve never even met someone in graphical design.
And Debian, sweet Debian, it really does a lot!
As long as you already think like the designers thought,
But skyOS? Let’s face it, that’s here just to be a letter.
And chromeOS? You really think that Google should be bigger?
Solaris has some street cred, but requires education,
So no one’s really going to bother besides some big corporation.
And finally, good ol’ Windows, about which we would write,
But our system found new updates and rebooted in the night.
Let’s face it, every OS just meets someone else’s needs.
And no one cares for you and me, they just want to succeed.
And we’re not gonna write one, so we’re stuck inside their haze.
It’s sad we can’t accept it, they just suck in different ways.

Vote for and buy this shirt because it's awesome. Or buy me one.

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  1. I ordered this shirt when it was on Woot Shirt for $10. Best investment of my life. Just came today (gee, only 13 day shipping) and is great!