Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Install questions...Et tu, Ubuntu?

I'm installing Ubuntu 10.10 in a VM because I reeaaaally don't feel like trying to get it working in a dual boot system, and honestly I think using a seamless VirtualBox is far more than what I need. (I'll actually probably use it more now since I don't have to leave Windows.) I started to install it, and I asks you useless junk at the beginning of the install. I just don't understand why OS developers continue to do this, and I really thought I could remember Ubuntu changing it recently. It does this whole deal with "Copying files", but then it asks you about the user accounts and the time zone and such.

People don't want to do that. People want to click "install", walk away, and have it installed, ready to be configured when they come back. Well, I do anyway. I'm pretty sure Windows even wised up to this. Windows 7 asks for users and crap at the end, I believe, and the timezone as well. Because if it's not required for the installation (and who knows, for Ubuntu maybe it does have to create users to install correctly).

Anyway, that's all. This isn't even really a rant, just a nag. I'm tired, I felt like posting, and Ubuntu is currently using my DVD drive so I can't rip any of the new CDs I got today. And I'm probably being a bit harsh; my linux-loving friend always used to brag about how Ubuntu installed in 7 clicks, and I don't think that numbers gotten any bigger. Plus, I accidentally gave my VM way too few resources, so it probably seemed like it took a lot longer...or something.

Peace out, internet!
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