Monday, November 15, 2010

Musicbee psyching out iTunes?/McNinja & QC!

I ran into the weirdest bug recently. I just bought "Plans" by Deathcab for Cutie and I decided to rip it into my iTunes collection with my new DVD drive. But for some reason, when I put the CD in, it didn't show up in iTunes. It showed up in My Computer, but VLC crashed when trying to open it. I know the drive is good since I've used it before, in iTunes even, so I was befuddled.

Several days later, I tried again, and still no success. I stuck in another CD ("Oh! Gravity." by Switchfoot) and it detected it. I tried Plans again, and FINALLY it showed up in iTunes. I tried to import it and got an error: "An unknown error occurred (-50)." Just out of curiosity, I closed Musicbee, which I usually have running side by side iTunes, and tried again. Presto, I have Deathcab.

Anyway, weirdness. The dumbest part is that when I googled the error, the only results that came up were from like 2005, and that either means that Apple is really bad about fixing bugs, or they need to change error codes. Or at least give more info about them.

Is it just me, or are my "hurr durr" and "weird bugs" posts extremely boring? In case they are, I guess I should also throw this in: I got my webcomic-turned-comics today! The Dr. McNinja trilogy and Questionable Content: Vol 1! I even got it personalized by Jeph, and I guess I'll post a picture later.

Hmm...that didn't do alot to make this post not boring. Oh well.

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