Monday, November 22, 2010

Oracle bought Sun!

This happened a while ago, but I didn't notice until recently when I installed on Windows 7. Sun is gone! It's so weird.....Sun's been there as long as I can remember. I've really liked some of their products, specifically Virtualbox and, and I do have to give them credit for Java and Solaris. And to just think that they're gone....well, not gone. But they no longer exist. Well, I mean, they are now a part of Oracle.

The weirdest part for me is that I'd never heard of Oracle before. They must be pretty big to buy Sun, a company that was started in 1982 and have done some amazing things since then. Of course, the buy price must've been pretty high ($7.4 billion, according to Wikipedia).

I dunno why it shocked me so, but it did. I guess it's just cause I've known about Sun for so long, it's like they've always been there. Hell, they're older than me, and then they get bought out by some company I've never heard of before. Just weird. Not bad, mind you, I'm not exactly fond of some approaches Sun takes (mostly in Java), so hopefully some fresh views will make them all the better. But still, it's weird to open up OOo and see "Oracle" in the about screen.

Here's looking at you, Sun,
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