Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tricked into Windows Updates

The other day I installed Windows Live Photo Gallery because I've looked everywhere for a photo organizer that is what I like. (Apparently they're all built around "photos" instead of "images"; what about those of us that want to organize our lolcats?) So anyway, it does something that pisses me off: couples Windows Live Movie Maker with Photo Gallery. Then, after I get it installed, I see the little balloon near my tray. "Windows will apply these 30 updates after a reboot." What? Let me ask again.....what? Seriously? What does the Windows Live Photo Gallery have to do with Windows Updates? Nothing. But it still apparently switched my preference to "Update Automatically."

I don't like Windows Updates, mostly because they tend to break stuff, and because I just don't know what they do. Service Packs are different, but I just tend to ignore updates (and quite honestly, I could never tell a difference with XP.) Nonetheless, I never set it to Automatic because then I am depending on Microsoft to choose what is best for me.

Microsoft = stupid. End The.
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[UPDATE 11-9-10]
Apparently Silverlight was included in those updates and for some reason Netflix hasn't updated with to the newest version of Silverlight. So Microsoft broke Netflix for me. Thanks Gates.

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