Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Zoundry Error


I thought it'd be funny to leave it at "wat"....but I guess I better be a little serious. Program developers: please try to put a little effort into your errors. I mean how they handle them. Yes, If I clicked "Details", it would have showed the code, but dammit, man, I'm a blogger, not a programmer! (Did I just use a Star Trek reference? Ugh. I must be tired.)

Seriously though. Zoundry is a decent program, but things like this can drive people away. Do you know what the problem was Zoundry when this error popped up? My password was wrong. Simple as that. I had changed it a while back and hadn't updated Zoundry. Don't you think that's something obvious the programmers could check, rather than throwing an "Error: None" back at the user? If I hadn't remembered that, I could have spent time googling and troubleshooting for something as simple as a failed login.

The same goes for Handbrake: tell the user that the folder doesn't exist. Do the developers realize how annoying that is? You could spend 10-20 minutes making a queue, forget that the folder has to exist, then it will just breeze through the queue and you have to make it all over again.

wtf rotf lol


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