Sunday, December 12, 2010

Comment to post ratio/Self-Sustaining Blog

I don't check the stats for this blog because I never expect it to pull in any traffic at all, but then I also like to over analyze stuff to the point where people go "Woah, this guy's weird..." So I thought I'd see the ratio of comments to posts: (And I realize that this may not be a "ratio" per se, but roll with me on this.)

21 comments (other than mine)
160 total posts (including this one)
Which makes the ratio 0.13125. Really, one hopes that it is at very least 1.0, which would mean that there's one comment for every post, although really even that is pretty pathetic. DoaAN is about 1/8th of that.

Or another way to look at it is:
14 comments with posts
160 total posts
Which makes the ratio 0.0875. Again, the maximum and aim is 1.0, meaning that every post you publish gets at least one comment. DoaAN is less than 1/11th of that.

I don't want to make money of DoaAN; I don't feel that it's content is even good enough to make money off of it. But if I could make enough revenue to pay for a domain name, I would be extremely content. And if I made any more, I would probably put it toward registering another domain name for FreewareWire Software, or set it aside until the time came for a FWsw domain name.

Alas, these are all pipe dreams, since the numbers just don't add up. I wouldn't dream of putting ads on any site unless I was sure it was actually bringing in traffic because there's no point in making mere pennies, plus ads (to me) often seem like the blog is there for money, not content (this is mostly true when people overdo the ads).

Oh well, I can dream.

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