Friday, January 7, 2011

I know what I did last Summer

The punny title aside, I actually did make a list after my last semester of things I was going to try to do. Granted, not all of these things are really productive, but I at least wanted a list so I could look back and see I had done something. So here they are, in absolutely no order whatsoever.

  • Bought a car: Unfortunately, it was because my last car died on me...or I murdered any case, I did end out buying my second car, a laser red '96 Ford Mustang. 
  • Rip DVDs: I ripped all DVDs I had, bought a few more, and ripped those too. Unfortunately, I somehow lost the files in the process of switching to Windows 7. So, yeah....
  • Switched to Windows 7: As I remain Microsoft's slave, I did end out 
  • Sorted my files, start menu, and bookmarks: I sorted a ton of files -mostly funny pictures- my start menu, and my bookmarks, multiple times. [post 1] [post 2] [post 3]
  • Find an OS for my netbook: I almost over did this. [post]
  • Jailbroke my iPod Touch: My first iDevice jailbreak! Woohoo! [post]
  • Randomizer: I wrote a program called Randomizer, which spun off of a script I wrote to pick a random TV episode. You can download it, or see the source on [FreewareWire]. (Also, I wrote it in Python too. [post]
  • CheckSwagRandom and InChromeNito: Two programs that kind of suck. But whatever. [post]
  • I bought an iPhone: Yeah, not really all that impressive, but I did buy an iPhone 3GS. It was already jailbroken. [post]
  • I bought a Clip+: Again, not impressive, and now it's my brothers (my bro's Christmas gift, since I didn't use it). [post]
  • A second monitor: Woohoo! Probably should have saved the money though. [post]
  • Got a new case: The HAF X. Such an upgrade, it's amazing. [post]
  • Bumper Stickers: I got bumper stickers, which I've always wanted to do. Woohoo for The Office, Firefly, and Switchfoot.
  • Haircut: This is actually a big deal. It was getting very long and crazy.
  • Watched movies: At least 70+ new movies, and a ton of several rewatches.
  • Video Games: I re-played Luigi's Mansion, Portal, Half Life 2, Twilight Princess, Super Mario 64, and played Darksiders
  • Made a hatrack: Not so much a rack, but still, it's cool. And it cost like $1 per hat.
  • Helped my bro build a computer: Woohoo!

  • Go: I wrote a small program called Go! Kind of obsolete at this point, but it sure was fun writing! [post]
  • MIT Lectures: I really wanted to watch it all, I'm so bad at sticking to things that require me sitting still. [post]
  • BestInstaller: A software that came from rage from an installer doing a bunch of stuff I never asked. Worked fairly well, but looked horrid. [post]
  • Zombie Farm wiki: "Started" is putting it lightly. Go ahead and look [there] if you want, I 'contributed' 95% of what you see. The only reason it's not finished is because it's missing a few pages. [post]
  • Video Games: I started Overlord, Stalker, Dead Space, and Mass Effect, and bought Crysis, STALKER, and Section 8 next.

  • Linux From Scratch: I got about 50% of the way to compile a Linux distro, but then lost track. I would have finished if it didn't require booting into...ya know, Linux. [post]
  • Project vOmniMachine: It just didn't take off. I was really into OSes for a while, and it kinda wore off. [post] 
  • PEM C++: This never even get off the ground, mostly because nobody offered. [post]

Did not do: 
  • Buy Glasses: A long time ago, I got glasses for reading, and I think I still need them, probably a higher prescription. 
  • Steam deal program: I wanted to write a program to find what the best deals on Steam are, but there's already site out there that do that.
  • Pop-tops: This is going to sound weird...but I've collected pop-tops (AKA pop-tabs, pull-tabs, etc) since I was a kid, and I have 15,000, and at the beginning of my summer, I wanted to put them all on one string, and it would end out being like 100 yards long. But I never disciplined myself, so I have probably like 2,000 strung.

Peace out.

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