Sunday, February 6, 2011

The cost of the Zombie Apocalypse

I got the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks and he gave a pretty lengthy list for three different categories in the case of a zombie apocalypse in three different categories:
NOTE: Brooks subscribes to the "walking dead" theory of old, rigor mortis "1.5 steps per second" zombies instead of the Left4Dead "infection" zombies, so his guide is built accordingly.
  1. The Home Arsenal: Weapons to keep around your house or fortified area. Because contrary to what the video games or movies might tell you, ammunition does take up space and not all guns use the same type. He also generally discourages using weapons period, since there are going to be more zombies than you have ammo, and the noise from firing rounds generally just tends to draw more zombies. But should the need arise, you need guns.
  2. The Equipment: This is actually more for any type of emergency where you might be kept in one place for a long time. Basically everything you need to get a self-sustaining house, at least for a certain number of days.
  3. When Traveling: Maybe your house gets overrun, or maybe you become informed that there is a safezone a few miles over. This requires careful planning, so he emphasizes that.
Anyway, I was curious after reading this, "Just how much would it cost to prepare for a zombie outbreak?" Following Brooks guide, I came up with the following spreadsheet:

I originally did this in OpenOffice so if something looks strange or odd, it's probably the conversion to Google Docs. Also Please keep in mind that I'm not at all a survival guy, or a gun guy for that matter, and this guide was mainly to get a ballpark figure. But if you have any better corrections, feel free to make them.

So basically, it would definitely take more than $10,000USD to get the necessary supplies, and then after that, I think you could survive fairly comfortably for a good while (being a few months, not years), as long as you had a good supply of water, canned food, and entertainment (i.e. books, games, etc, which Max outlined in his book).

I've discovered that I also want to own a Katana at some point. I know that this is extremely stupid since I am not trained to wield a Katana and to get a very good one, you have to travel to Japan, but I would like to at least have a cheapo display model, because I think it would look cool on my wall, and even a display model has got to be able to kill a few zombies.


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