Saturday, February 12, 2011

Video Game Remixes

The two best places for Video Game Remixes, in my opinion, are Newgrounds, and Overclocked Remix.

My Newgrounds Profile

  1. Love Midna, by ellebirdy23
  2. Numa Numa Game Boy Remix, by PixlCrushr (I don't care if it's not a video game. Deal with it.)
  3. Tetris Remix [Final], by Parkerman1700
  4. Tetris (Rock Version), by Soundshifter
  5. The Lullaby of Time, by ellebirdy23
  6. Luigi's Mansion (WIP), by SkriK
As for, ocremix,
  1. Pachelbel's Ganon, by djpretzel (This is my favorite remix of all. Period.
  2. Anthem of a Misguided Youth, by Benjamin Briggs
  3. Piano Concerto in A Minor, by Jeremy Robson
  4. Insomniac Skies, by diotrans
  5. Live from [SUBJECT HOMETOWN HERE], by Gamer Symphony Orchestra

As you can probably see, I'm definitely more inclined to some games more than others. You have to be in the mood to enjoy a good VG Remix, but when you are, there's nothing better.

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