Saturday, February 26, 2011

WTF, Google?!

I know I've talked before about how Google's searches are unreliable, but I was honestly hoping that they would turn it around. I'd even heard several times that they were taking steps to fixing the issue. But no. Instead, I'm trying to search around for some practice for a Logic Design test, and I get this.

This is beyond absurd, this is wrong. Beforehand, I talked about how Google's search algorithm kind of left off results, but maybe it just needed to be tweaked to keep up with the web. Now, Google is telling me "I am deliberately altering your search results, completely reverse to what you told me". No, they aren't even inserting "Related" results anymore: they are full blown taking a phrase out of a result. Why not just take out the word "boolean", and then I can get a ton of results for Algebra, which is a completely different thing? (Get my point yet, Google?)

I've tried to think through why Google would drop the word "practice" specifically; I know they drop insignificant words like "and" or "the", and that's understandable. But "practice" is not uber common, it does change the nature of the search, and it needs to be included to pull up the results I am seeking (if they exist). I should not have to put "+" before every search term just to get the results I need.

The most perverted part about this is that it's not like you're told outright, right below the search input. No, it's at the very bottom of results, in a "Tip," like it's somehow not really important.

In my eyes, Google is not only not improving their search, they're going in the exact opposite direction; instead of making searches include every term, they are now dropping terms. It's reasons like this that make me glad I've found DuckDuckGo, because if Google does not clean bullshit like this up, I'll definitely be using Duck -and then even Yahoo! and Bing- before I use Google.


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