Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm banned in Turkey?

I don't get alot of e-mails in FreewareWire, but it seems like the ones I get are pretty out there. Here's one I got a few weeks ago:
did you know that you're banned in Turkey? I'd wear that as a badge of pride... Sign of street cred... Kudos, etc.
 What? What in god's name could my blog possibly have that is offensive in Turkey?

Well, I come to find out that internet censorship in Turkey has been a trouble for years now. And it was not just my blog, but all of Blogger was banned on March 2nd of this year. I'm not going to pretend to know what's going on over there just from reading one Wiki article, but I think I can safely say that blocking all of Blogger is not the answer. Blogger blogs can be about anything: personal blogs, corporate blogs, political blogs, food blogs, exercise blogs, tech blogs, or even freeware blogs. True, there might be some bad blogs thrown in there (in this case, apparently some that were hosting a television company's material), but banning Blogger because there are a handful of bad blogs is like nuking an entire city because there's a cockroach under the refrigerator.

An analogy always seems like the perfect place to end a thought.

PS - The gentleman emailing me came upon my blog wondering if there was an Ubuntu version of Q*bert. I've never played Q*bert, but I think it's available for MAME and possibly NES, so I would recommend downloading a ROM and then snagging a MAME or NES emulator, for any who are wondering.

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