Thursday, March 31, 2011 simple but uber useful

Up until a few days ago, I used a Firefox addon called Fast Dial. It worked well, but when I'd go to school or on my phone, it wasn't available. Then, thanks to Gabriel of DuckDuckGo, I learned about! is a very, very simple idea implemented very, very well. You basically choose whatever sites you want to appear on your custom page from a very well populated list or created your list....and that's it! Every time you open, it will bring up your page in a fraction of a second, and wha-la, all your favorite sites are right at your disposal.

My favorite part about is definitely its looks. I mean, the default settings look great as it is; every icon is very high quality. But on top of that, you can choose between a fudge rippling number of options: custom background, shadow effects, matte or gloss, and even the color and icon for custom sites. It totally blows me away every time I open a new tab. You can choose how you want your icons displayed (row or a grid), and even have a search bar that will give you quick access to a search engine. (Hopefully, DDG will come to find its way on that list soon.)

Again, it's such a simple idea, but has taken it and ran with it leaps and bounds. Other than a few nitpicky things (I'm not extremely fond of the favicon), there is only one thing I would change about mobile. It's just not really well designed for mobile yet. I know my phone (LG Optimus V) really isn't top of the line so that definitely might contribute, but I still think it needs work. The icons spread out wider than the screen (which is fine for a mouse, not so much for touch), it generally loads slower, and trying to scroll around usually results in dragging an icon. Overall it's just....not really ready.

Anyway, I definitely recommend giving a try. You will not regret it.

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