Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Different Type of Youtubers

I don't really like YouTube much nowadays, partly from how Google is deciding it should be run, but also from the absolute crap that inhabits it. In my opinion, Youtube used to be good in the Numa Numa era (yes, Numa Numa was on Newgrounds first). The way the site worked was better (not based on partners and subscriber amounts) and the content just seemed to be better.

But anyway, here are the different type of Youtubers that I find:
  1. Quick-cuts Monologue: This is obviously a huge amount, especially when it comes to subscriber counts. This is the video of someone talking into the camera, sometimes daily, about whatever they want. The thing I hate about these is the quick cuts. They try to make it fast paced, I guess, but the content usually sucks. It's just presented in a way that makes it seem slightly more funny than it is (the Quick-cuts is today's laugh track). And the things they talk about are usually either non-important or just plain stupid. For example, some channels "review" other YouTube videos. Are you seriously? I mean, what the fuck? Why not watch those videos themselves? Why should I give a rats ass about what you have to say about it?
  2. Stupid Kids: Do you even need an explanation for these? There's almost a steady stream of kids that make it into the news because of messing with the wrong people. Some girl messes with an imageboard? She ends out crying and her dad sends the "cyber police" after the perps. A kid knocks Justin Bieber fans and insults two YouTube partners? He ends out making a crying apology saying he needs therapy. Here's a newsflash: this is getting old. For everyone. Stupid kids: get your asses off of YouTube, or at very least, know what you're saying. Which brings us to the parents, whom I think are the real criminals. You should be the ones telling your kids (a) don't intentionally try to piss people off on the internet, and (b) when you do, don't taunt them and make it worse. Parents should know by now that the internet is not just fun and games, and if you let your kids on places that are inhabited by adults, like YouTube, they will be the target of attack if they post stupid crap. And as for the perpetrators, I am not against them. I'm not necessarily in favor of sending the kids death threats, but they should be held accountable for their actions. Some people say "They're just kids! I did stupid stuff when I was a kid!" Yeah, true. But you did/should have had consequences. Letting a kid piss off a virtual community and then arguing that they should have no repercussions is like telling them "In life, do whatever you want and don't face the consequences." Some may argue that the response is too harsh, but I'd argue that's like arguing that being mauled by a bear after kicking its cub is an unfair response, instead of telling the kid "Don't kick bear cubs!" And finally, what pisses me off about the whole situation is how the kids always come off as the victim. They cuss into the camera, make deliberate threats toward specific people, then end out saying "I need therapy, waaaah", all because they are younger. Again, if you don't like getting struck by lightning, stop prancing around in a field holding a metal pole.
  3. Corporation Videos: This includes everything from commercials to tv shows to sports to news to music videos to everything that corporations own. Pretty much everything that YouTube should not be focused on, but makes up an absurd amount of the videos.
  4. Tech Reviews/Tutorials: There seems to be few of these, or maybe I'm just not finding them. skikarl is really good at being informative and interesting. And I'm not talking about the stupid people that make screencasts with HyperCam or dumb tutorials that either (a) don't know what they're talking about or (b) don't work. I'm talking good, solid reviews and tutorials. Like I said: few and far between.
  5. Just Plain Shit: Prime Example? Annoying Orange. Things that should never see the light of day, but somehow make it big.
  6. Music: Actually kind of ok, except there are wayyy too many people that post crappy covers.
  7. Good Funny/Cool Videos: These are less than 1% of Youtube. Things that are well planned, well made, and generally just good

Those are my thoughts, and why I stay away from YouTube. I have no doubt that there are actually good channels on it, but just trying to wade through the crap is too discouraging.

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  1. Dude, I am doing a similar blog and googled to see if I got all the different kinds right, you are putting mine to shame. Respect man.