Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A boy and his tablet

I've made a specific point to avoid talking about it, but I've wanted the Asus Eee Pad Transformer ever since it was annoubed at CES in January. Badly. For a while it was a toss up between the Transformer and the Slider, but in the end, the Transformer won out. It might feel like I'm being a hypocrite since I ws rather harsh on the iPad 2 and I even just posted a few quotes about tablets not replacing the PC, but I never thought or said that tablets were bad or even a bad idea; I just said that they weren't groundbreaking.

Anyway, after fixing my eyes on the Transformer, I started watching intently, checking up on news and updates daily. I followed the UK release and eagerly awaited it to cross the pond. Then I heard that it had a release date: April 26th. The day eventually came and I stayed up all night, waiting for the release. I checked at midnight, still no word, so I made myself busy, figuring that it would launch sometime in the morning. Then I checked again at 6. Sold out everywhere. I was sleep deprived and knew that it would be several months until they could restock it. I mean, it was just downright depressing; I don't have a big paycheck so I don't get alot of the goodies until they come down in price or are obsoleted by something shineyer. This was really going to be the first tech item I bought at launch. But I missed it. So with great sorrow, I made a preorder on one of the few sites that still had the option, and went to bed.

Fast forward a month. I've already accepted that I either have to wait until Asus starts producing more or buy one from the evil fencers on Amazon. But I still check back every now and then, watching reviews and whatnot. Then I see that Microcenter had it up for sale. Backorder? Nope, 3 in stock. I place the order and go to bed, still doubtful that they actually had any. Come 10am, my phone buzzes with a reservation confirmation. BOOYA. So I hop in the car, pick it up, and LOVE IT TO DEATH. I actually ended out taking it to work and all of my coworkers (none of which who are nerds) thought it was really cool. I haven't picked up the keyboard dock yet, but I typed this entire post on the soft keyboard and although it's not ideal, it's still very good (after some getting used to.

"Sold out"
Later, in the Hall of Justice...
"In stock"

As a quick closing, I want to say kudos to ExcaliburPC, the site I originally preordered from. I contacted them to ask what their policy was on canceling preorders was, and they replied the next day saying you could cancel at any time with no fee. Then when I finally got the Transformer from MicroCenter, I asked them to cancel my order with them and not even 3 hours later, I got a response and my refund. That is exceptional customer service. Even though I cancelled the order and never completed a purchase with them, I'm probably going to buy from them again since they've shown that they're committed to providing me with the best customer service possible. So again, kudos.

The "Eee" stands for "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! <3"

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