Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Epics quotes from LAS

To end the whole "The desktop PC is dead, it's all in the mobile now" mindset that I seem to hear alot (and see, with certain companies pushing certain products), here are two quotes by the guys over at the Linux Action Show:

"[Tablet users] are a different market. They're a different kind of person with a different need."
-Bryan - 27:53

"It's not that [the PC] is dead, it's just that it no longer has to fill that need for the people it wasn't appropriate for in the first place."
-Chris - 27:19

On a related note, I recommend watching all of that video, or at least the part where they talk about the Chromebook; they touch on a lot that I could quote, but what's the point? Just watch the video.

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