Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good video on "5 things I like about my Mac"

At the risk of spamming this blog with FearedBliss's videos, I thought I'd toss in one more that I've seen, this one which actually might surprise my (non-existent) viewers: one about a Mac.

FearedBliss isn't exactly the most unbiased reviewer I've ever seen, but that's perfectly fine. I know for a fact he uses Linux, and Arch at that, so he's not one of those people that lives in Mac. He just likes Mac. And that's fine.

Before the embed, I'd just like to share a comment that FearedBliss had in response to a Linux fanboy doing what they do best: pushing Linux.
1. This is a video on 5 things I like about My Mac. I wasn't trying to convince you nor do I care about convincing you.
4. Again, these are my points, Mac has all "I" need, not "you".
 I love that last one. "Mac has all I need, not you." Anyway, here's the video.


1 comment:

  1. I love my apple mac have had one for years now and i must admit it just seems more stable than my pc it never picks up viruses and the speed is just great. I also like my itunes helps me seperate my music into playlists can't beat a mac to be honest.