Friday, May 20, 2011

Official Shoutout to The Linux Action Show!

I've mentioned them several times, but I wanted to give an official shoutout to The Linux Action Show! By far my favorite Linux podcast. Bryan and Christ both really know what they're talking about, tell their unbiased (or openly biased) views of current events, and make it very fun and funny doing it.

Also, I'd like to give a broader shoutout to Jupiter Broadcasting as a whole. After discovering LAS and watching about a dozen episodes, I checked out some of the other shows such as TechSnap and Jupiter@Nite and found that even without Bryan randomly getting pissed at Fedora, every episode is filled with good info. Here are the shows they've currently got running:
  • The Linux Action Show!: Talks about Linux news, reviews, apps, etc.
  • TechSNAP: In-depth talk from two IT professionals about tech news and concerns. (I'm not an IT professional, and I still find it fascinating!) 
  • Legend of the Stoned Owl: Talking about gaming on Linux.
  • Jupiter@Nite: Just a really quick video about an assortment of topics, aired every night.
  • STOked: All about Star Trek Online!
  • MMOrgue: All about MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online games), beyond reviews and gameplay.
  • FauxShow: Not really a show with episodes, just one you can tune into live; about anything (I think).

They're pretty much everywhere you can think of in every medium. They've got the videos on their website and also on Youtube, they stream all of their episodes live over at (including an IRC chatroom) for video and also in multiple formats for audio (including Shoutcast), they've got a blog (run mostly by Chris, I think) over on Tumblr, a forum over at JupiterColony, all of them are on Twitter....what else is there?

I really have been enjoying Jupiter Broadcasting lately; I've even found myself listening to their re-runs over audio stream on my way home from class instead of listening to music. And if you read this blog regularly, or even happen to stumble upon it by Google, I recommend checking out their shows.

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