Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sansa, I am dissapoint

My mother really needed a new MP3 player since her iPod Nano couldn't hold a charge for longer than 30 minutes. I decided to get her a new one for Mother's day and since her computer now runs Ubuntu, there's no real reason to get her an iPod since there is no iTunes.

I shopped around, avoiding the new iPod and anything Sony (since I'm still mad about the whole geohot lawsuit), and the only real quality devices that could hold ~16GB without being crazily expensive were Sansa. I was ok with that, because I bought a Sansa Clip+ a while ago and I really didn't end out using it, but it was still a really neat device. But my mom had continually remarked on how small it was and I thought she might like getting a better screen, so I got her the c240 and a microSD card.

After getting the device, I was impressed. It felt solid, had a decent UI, and the only real downside was the absolute horrid viewing angles on the screen (which I knew about ahead of time). But as I'm trying to set it up for Mother's day, I can't find the option to turn it from MTP to MSC. Then I learn that Sandisk removed that functionality in a firmware upgrade. Linux doesn't play too kindly with MTP. Ok, not too big a deal, I could still get music to and from the device, even though Banshee gave me hours of problems.

After hours of copying, I finally get all the music on the microSD and I stick it in, but the c240 freezes. Well, I look around, and apparently Sandisk let the Clip+ support all the way up to 32GB, but the c200 series only up to 8GB. Can you smell the stupid?

I now have a device that is perfectly acceptable in terms of hardware, but is limited by the firmware. Can you smell the stupid? And it's not complicated features, it's small stuff that is available on all their other products: MSC and microSDHC support.

It's not like it's a tragedy; I can still use the microSD with the replacement that my brother found (a Sansa Fuze 8GB for $40...AMAZING deal) and if I install Rockbox, it removes the annoyances (although Rockbox is not user friendly enough for my techno-challenged mother), but now I just have an mp3 player that I really have no use for. All for lack of functionality that should not exist.

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