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I know this isn't really "nerdy," but I writing about computers and such really gets monotonous and I'd like this blog to be a bit more open.

I've always been a fan of Cryptozoology (the study of creatures that may or may not exist). Even back when I was a kid, things like Nessie and Bigfoot and even Aliens fascinated me. When I volunteered at the library several years ago, the shelves I were assigned to keep clean and organized happened to be from about 000-100, including both Computer Science and Paranormal! I read a few books back then and even looked up some videos and articles online, but it kind of fell on the backburner.

The recently, as I've been getting to know Jupiter Broadcasting, I discovered "Bryan Lunduke's Jupiter Files". While there weren't that many episodes (at least that he posted on his blog) it definitely reminded me of how much I love the paranormal and so I decided to take up that passion again.

In terms of what I believe, I really can't say that I've investigated any one cryptid enough to believe that it exists. Instead, I just love the possibility! I love science and facts as much as the next guy and I could just turn my nose up and say "Come back when you have concrete proof!", but it's so much more fun to say "Wait, what if a plesiosaur is living in that lake?" To me, it is the closest thing in this world to a real-life fairy tale. And as long as you stay away from going crazy over it, what's the harm in believing a strange possibility?

I feel like now is when I talk about how I was abducted by aliens or went on a date with Bigfoot, but I haven't really had any special experiences.(...yet...) But I have had a few that are just a and I guess it would be cool to share them.

In our house, my younger brother's room was directly across from the bathroom and then down the hall was my bedroom and my older brother's bedroom. We all used that same bathroom to brush our teeth and such to get ready for bed, and so one night, after I had already turned out my light, I got up and went down the hall to do something (I can't remember what), and I passed a figure on the way down. Because the light and the hall was out and the light in my room was out, there was barely any light in the hall so I couldn't make out any features. This was not a shadow or anything like that, it was a solid object, it was just too dark to see its face or features. It was about the same height as me though, so I just assumed it was my younger brother. (I was short...we were the same height all growing up, until he passed me later on.) I really didn't think much of it at the time, except I can remember wondering why my younger brother was going toward mine and my older brother's room. Well, when I got to the end of the hall a few steps later, I looked into the bathroom to see my younger brother, gargling some Listerine. My older brother was much taller than me at that point and the figure definitely did not have longer hair or glasses like my what was it?

In the same house, my bed was parallel to a wall with a window facing the street of a cul-de-sac. One night, while I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, the window was filled with a blue-ish glow. It faded in quickly and got very bright, almost bright enough that it seemed like it was day with the blinds closed, and then faded out quickly. It was only a matter of seconds, but I was still concerned. I leaned up, lifted a blind, and looked out, and there was nothing.
I was used to car lights occasionally finding their way to the window, and this was definitely not that. First of all, my bedroom was on the second floor and parallel to the street, meaning that I got a small fraction of the light. Second, car lights would just barely creep through the blinds because I always closed them so that they would primarily block light coming from below. Third, I've never seen car lights that blue before.
My only other thought is that the people in the house across the street were doing something, like trying a new camping light, but it would have had to have been very focused on my window specifically, like a flashlight, because I can't think of anything that would need to put off that much light in all directions. Plus, it still would have had to been from at least the same level of the window, because of how I closed the blinds. It definitely could've been the kids (whom I played with) playing a prank on me or something from their bedroom on the second floor, but I find that the fact that the light distinctly faded instead of switched curtly lessening the chances that it was a flashlight or something like it.
To me, it was just too bright, too full, and too high to be a car or anything else I can really think what was it?

Those are my stories thus far. I can assure you that no, I was not dreaming in either one. I distinctly remember a continued consciousness up until and including both events (and I think I even pinched myself in both cases just to be sure).

That's why I love Cryptozoology: the stories. It's not the creatures, for me anyway, it's people's stories. It truly is like reading a fantasy book for the first time as a child.

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