Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random quote from a random person

YOU ARE NOT THE AVERAGE COMPUTER USER. And most people on planet earth will never reach your level of competence.

And so the question remains–What is the real goal here? Is it to give people freedom to go away from Microsoft and Mac? Or is it to stroke your egos as “Uber-Linux Users” and look down on the masses who would never touch VIM with a 1,000 foot pole, have no freaking clue what an IDE is for programming, and don’t really give a flying rat’s turd whether they use KDE or Gnome as long as the damn thing works?

If you want Linux to remain irretrievably niche, then fine–keep spouting off that you’d never do things the way Jeff has suggested here. But you’re not helping the goal of improving Linux use, and if that attitude stays in the community, it’s never going to be anything more than niche, because no one will have the vision to be making the right choices to take Linux where it needs to go.


Just a quote that struck my fancy while I was reading Bryan Lunduke's blog.

Also, whilst reading all of the other (negative) comments, it still confounds me that "Linux is freedom" is always thrown around, but Linux users are always a hair length away from criticizing how any choice but their own (whether it be distros or apps) is inferior.


PS - "If you ever find yourself talking to a Linux nerd, just randomly finish off a sentence with 'RICHARD STALLMAN!'" -Me

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