Monday, June 13, 2011

What I hate: Kissing Apple's Ass

First article: It’s A Good Day To Be An iPad Competitor . . . Oh Wait, It’s Not

His Quotes:
  • "Apple has released three revolutionary products in the last decade alone: iPod, iPhone and iPad."
  • "Apple showed many ways how the iPad 2 can fit into your lifestyle."
  • "It’s not just about the hardware. Apple delivers the whole experience that nobody else can."
 My Notes:
  • A decade is a very, very long time when it comes to electronics; ever heard of Moore's Law?
  • No Apple product at all fits into your lifestyle unless you believe that "Mac is a lifestyle." Apple products are designed to work with Apple products, and if you are praising Apple for that, you've just gone full retard.
  • Of course it's not about the hardware. No one person -even geeks- just sit their with their device turned off saying "Man this thing has got a nice screen/camera/processor." It's how you use the hardware.
    But at the same time, there is always a demand for nicer hardware, and to just brush it off because "OMG APPLE IS AMAZING" is stupid. It's so funny how quick Apple fanboys are to jump to how good the screen or some other feature is on certain Apple products, but when one comes out that is simply unimpressive, it becomes "Oh, I don't care about that. I never did!"

Second article: Deciding on a tablet by comparing specs? You've missed the point

His Quotes:
  • "When it comes to tablets, it's not about the specs. It's about user experience. It's about the way we use the device and how the device fits itself to the way we want to use it."
  • "Anyone who has used a netbook for light surfing, for e-mail, and for enjoying media and then tried out the iPad gets it."
  • Sure, the Xoom does better multitasking. Sure, it has lots of nifty bells and whistles, chips and ports. But chips and ports are not why people buy iPads.
  • People buy iPads because an iPad does everything the user wants it to do and more than the user expects. It does so beautifully, revolutionarily, and, dare I say it, magically.
My Notes:
  • It's true, "user experience" is the goal. But hardware does matter. Hardware limits what the "user experience" can be (as does firmware). Plus, when you are being charged more money for a device that has vastly inferior hardware, claiming that the "user experience" makes it worth it is malarkey. Especially in mobile devices where the user experience can change.
    Example: The iPhone 3GS was not meant to run iOS4, and I can attest to the fact that it runs a hell of a lot slower than iOS3. So not only are you paying more money for less hardware, you are paying that money in the hopes that Apple will not make your user experience shitty later on. Now that is true for all mobile devices nowadays, including Android; it's a risk every user has to take. But you just cannot push launch user experience as a replacement for good hardware. The two are both important, but not interchangeable.
  • Um, I'll call BS. Once again, people automatically assume that netbooks and tablets are for the exact same user market. They're not.
    Also, I love how he says "iPad" instead of "tablet." Bias much?
  • Seriously, what the hell? Why does he compare the Xoom to "why people buy iPads?" This is why everyone thinks every other tablet is an "iPad copy": instead of looking at a product on its own merits, they look at it in terms of a user that wants exactly what an iPad has. Maybe some of us do want an SD card slot. In fact, I know we do.
  • "Everything the user wants"? One word: Flash.
    Also, anyone who ever uses the word "magically" seriously when describing technology should be sent away and never allowed near any form of it again.

 I don't believe in the devil, but the people that wrote these articles pocketing the checks they inevitably received from Apple is the nearest thing in this world to selling your soul to one.

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