Thursday, September 29, 2011

Install Visual Studio / .Net Framework (ERROR: 0x80070643)

tl;dr solution is at the bottom of the post

One of the classes I'm currently taking is Assembly, and since we are using IA-32, the professor requires Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Express Edition 2010. I installed it in my dual boot of W7, but I got frustrated having to switch to Windows, especially when another class of mine requires the GCC compiler, so I decided to try to install it on my VirtualBox Windows XP that I use for Netflix inside my Linux Mint.

I really wanted to just make the Visual Studio folder a Virtualbox Shared Folder and run off that, but Microsoft products hate trying to be run without first being installed, so it threw up several random errors. Then I tried to download and install legitimately, only to find that it returned another error "Setup could not install the following component: .NET Framework 4". Well what the hell. It doesn't really give me any explanation as to why it failed, only that it did. I know it probably created a log SOMEwhere, but I really didn't want to have to search around and figure out where.

Then I try to install the .NET 4 on its own, and it fails yet again with a "Fatal Error", only this time it gives me a link to a log, placed in a temp folder somewhere, where it had the error code: 0x80070643. This was a pretty ambiguous error code (as most of MS's codes are), in that Microsoft said that I probably had something wrong with the MSI service.

After verifying all of that, I saw that the log linked to yet another log (a log within a log, nice Microsoft) filled with a crap ton of stuff, and sifting through that, I finally found the golden ticket:

Product: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile -- You must install the 32-bit Windows Imaging Component (WIC) before you run Setup. Please visit to install WIC, and then rerun Setup.

I don't understand how an Imaging Component has to do with a Framework, or why they couldn't just SAY that it was a prerequisite beforehand, but after downloading and installing the WIC, the .NET framework installed perfectly, and then Visual Studio installed as well.

tl;dr: If you are a googler ducker who came here, looking for why you can't install Visual Studio and/or the .NET framework, try installing the Windows Imaging Component first.


PS - After installing Visual Studio, it presented me with a dialog about needing to restart my computer, only the "Restart Later" box was greyed out. What the fuck, Microsoft.


  1. Jesus H Christ why they can't get this crap to be more simple I'll never know.
    I'm trying to install Visual Studio Express 2013 - I found the error code the same way you did. I wish Microsoft would just up and be straight out with the fucking problem instead of having us piss around with log files. Bunch of fucking wankers.'d think they'd have made things simpler since 1989!!

  2. this is 2017, this shit yet not work, i will never develop software to use in the trash called windows.
    i bet i can install this faster on linux with 2~3 commands, now i have to download at least 5 to 1000000 billions peta-tera-gygas of useless crap!!!!!
    why they can't at least make a log system with USEFULL information, in the log only says "fatal error", i read 2mb of log files to find nothing!!!!!!!!
    Anyway, thanks for reading me.