Wednesday, September 28, 2011

xkcd sucks

I originally wanted to write this post literally since this blog started, but I kept putting it off because I didn't think I could write it without absolutely raging against this guy. But if you haven't heard, xkcd has a hater. Not just a hater, the king of all haters. He decided that he hated it so much, he wanted -no, needed to create an entire blog around it, called xkcd sucks. I actually wrote out an e-mail to the guy several years ago, but never finished nor sent it. Here it is.

I've found your blog, and to be honest, it really kind of pissed me off. Now before you start shouting obscenities out me or post this e-mail as some kind of example on your blog, hear me out.

All growing up, I loved the Garfield comic strip. I have the first 20 or so books packed up in my closet, as well as the first three seasons of "Garfield and Friends" on DVD. But then a few years ago, I found several places that said that Jim Davis was a sellout. I was shocked. For a kid, comic strips are essentially the ultimate good, and I didn't want to believe that my most favorite cartoon character was just a way for the author to make money. But as time went on, I discovered that it was actually true. There's so much Garfield merchandise out there, I could create a house where every little item, from coffee mugs to lamp shades to slippers, had some form of Garfield on it. That didn't used to bug me, but then I saw an extremely rapid decline in the quality of Garfield comic strips, even in the colored Sunday strips. Nowadays, I cringe to read a Garfield strip just because of how shoddy and overdone it is. Most strips are actually regurgitated from a decade or so ago (I would know, I've read 20 years worth of strips at least 5 times), lazily thought out, and the dialogue is getting to the point where Jim (or whoever writes those strips nowadays) doesn't even include one word in a weeks worth of strips. Needless to say, my adoration for Garfield has fizzled out.

Why do I share that long, boring story? I dunno. Maybe because I'm tired, maybe because I'm hoping it will prove that I'm attempting to be rationale and not an xkcd zealot, maybe I'm just crazy. I prefer to hope it's the second option. The point I'm trying to say is, I know what it's like to see a comic sell out, especially one that you follow (possibly religiously) and have high regards for.

My question is this: do you really think that xkcd is bad enough (not as a webcomic, just bad enough) that it needs its own hate website? I only ask because I really don't see the harm in a webcomic that fails to meet every single person's expectations. You might say that it is like Garfield, but I really don't see it as the same thing. You might see it differently, and that's fine.

I suppose the point I'm dancing around is this: do you really think it's necessary to be so harsh on Randall? Again, I'm not an xkcd nerd, fanboy, or any of the like. To me, xkcd is just another one of the webcomics I get in my daily feedreader. I open it up, go down the list, and if xkcd has a new comic, I read it. And to be honest, it's funny. It is. xkcd has made me laugh numerous times. But I'm getting off topic.

The point is, to me, it's a comic. That's it. If it makes you laugh, great, read it. But if it doesn't does it really call for scrutiny? And intense scrutiny, at that? I'm not going to even pretend to claim that I've read every one of xkcd sucks' posts, mostly because (and I hope I can say that, since I haven't been outright offense yet in this letter, at least yet) the posts are always soaked with such hatred. I just have trouble finding that much hatred for a webcomic, to pick it apart to pieces.

I mean, really..

It's about as insightful or humorous as pointing out that Jewish children don't get to open a pile of presents today. Hey, what about TWINS born on Christmas Day? They must get double-shafted since they're sharing their birthday with Jesus AND their freakish sibling! Oh my God, I almost pissed myself from all the hilarity.

It's a comic.....comics aren't supposed to be this brilliant flow of words, logic, and "insight". It's supposed to make people chuckle. And if it doesn't, so what?

I really should not say more, but I will squeeze in a few biased statements. First, to the author, stop trying  so hard. It's obvious in every post that you write that you are digging through the comic, often pulling up red herrings and general slander to dramatize your views of the comic. I am honestly hoping that you are just a level 99 troll, otherwise, I would facepalm so hard, it would break through my skull and damage my brain. Secondly, to the readers, realize that this guy is a troll. He deliberately attacks Randall, as if by reading a comic strip that he happens to dislike, he obtains the ability to judge his character.

I could say so much more because there is just so much more with this blog that is stupid and retarded -not because I like xkcd, just that makes no sense and is merely there to try to shock whoever reads it. Almost every single argument he makes is flawed and/or incoherent, to the point that I could maybe a blog mocking every single blog post of his. But then I'm not going to spend my time and effort to make a hate blog for something as trivial as this; I'm just going to turn my back and walk away, because it isn't even worth my time. (You could learn a lesson, "Carl".)

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  1. Hear Hear!

    I could add one more. Who is worse? A) A so-so but popular web comic by a nerd. Or B) A nerd so uncreative his only claim to fame is to leech off the fame of A by whining about A all the time.