Thursday, October 13, 2011

Google Department of Redundancy

Am I the only one who finds this absolutely retarded?

Do we really need the exact same menu in two places on the effing page?



  1. It's been like that for what, a couple years? It was like that way before the "+You" was added.

    In addition, I thought the Advanced Search was gone from the page, but you can access it via the intuitive GEAR ICON.

    G to the oogle really has been lettings its searchy roots decay.

  2. Anonymous,

    Hmm, I guess you're right. It doesn't feel like years, but I guess it has been. I've noticed it for a while but it was when they switched to the black bar that really brought it to my attention.

    I still remember when you had JUST the top bar. The world made so much sense then.

    And I agree, I think of all of Google's products, it's been ignoring the search the most.