Thursday, November 24, 2011

Crazy Deal on heatsink

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm still content with my PC (hardware-wise). I've really faced no limitations, other than running out of RAM every now and then while trying to multitask in KDE, but everything is actually going pretty swell.

....However, one of the things that I have at the top of my list to upgrade is the heatsink since I'm still using stock. I couldn't really bring myself to sink money into it since, ever since getting my new case, I haven't had any temperature issues.

I've already had a heatsink picked out for almost a year: the XIGMATEK Dark Knight. On top of it being named after one of my favorite movies of all time, it also has 5 eggs with over 500 reviews, supports a great deal of sockets (both Intel and AMD), and is XIGMATEK with which I've had decently good experience with cooling.

Cutting to the chase, I could never justify spending $45 on something I didn't exceedingly need. However, when I happened to visit its page and see that it was $9.97 after a MIR.....well, COME ON. (It was actually $19.97 yesterday but it dropped even further today.) As far as I know, it's pretty future proof as well: Sandy/Ivy Bridge use socket 1155, and Bulldozer uses AM3+ which (as far as I know) uses the same cooling as AM2. Even if it wasn't future proof, $10 is an amazing deal.

Needless to say, I'm jumping on it.

[UPDATE 11-27-11]
All sold out, folks. I guess it WAS a good deal.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where's the KDE love, Mint?

Recently I tried to fix a very longstanding APT problem I had with my install. Long story short, I fixed it by manually removing and re-adding every single source by hand. Only I thought that many of the sources were out of date in that they referenced some older version of Ubuntu so I decided to go ahead and switch everything over to Oneiric. .........oops? Everything broke. When I try to select the top option in my GRUB menu, I get a black screen.

In any case, rather than try to fix the 300 packages I probably broke, I was just going to start from scratch, install the newest version of Linux Mint KDE. Only problem is, I'm running the newest version of LM KDE. Yeah, Mint 11 has been out for almost 6 months but KDE 11 is no where to be seen.

I don't want to be the whiny user, but it's just frankly disappointing, because Linux Mint KDE 10 is the best KDE distro I tried. It absolutely blows Kubuntu out of the water. So when I see that Linux Mint 11 LXDE, and LMDE with GNOME and XFCE are all getting released, but no KDE version around, I just get wary. I honestly don't know where else to go. I guess openSUSE is the next best thing but YaST still makes me want to blow chunks.

In any case, I guess I'll just reinstall LM KDE 10, or try to fix the problem(s). As for the future of LM KDE, as long as there will be a LM 12 KDE, I will be happy.

[UPDATE 12-7-11]
So apparently Boo -the maintainer for the KDE spin- has kind of vanished. Back in the end of October, Clem -the founder and maintainer of Mint- said that he was working hard on the main edition but after it was released (i.e., now) he would turn his attention to KDE if Boo had not returned. Well, still no word from Boo and LM12 is out.

This really doesn't set my mind at ease because I know that Clem will not (and should not) attempt to maintain both the main and KDE releases; although I prefer KDE, I think the main release of Mint has always been fantastic (haven't tried out 12 though) and Clem needs to continue that. Hopefully, if Boo doesn't come back, they'll be able to find someone else to step up. Otherwise, I guess I'm headed to Chakra or Mageia or Sabayon or something.