Friday, January 20, 2012

Terminal in "Accessories"?

While we are on petty things that ultimately do not matter, does anyone else find it strange that for some reason the Terminal found its way in to "Accessories," at least in the GNOME menu? I guess the reason that I find it weird is that when I first used GNOME, I was a major newbie so the only time I used the terminal was to copy+paste commands I found on the internet. Now that I'm a tad more learned, I can see it being an "accessory", even if its just for stuff like copying and moving files.

But it stills seems pretty out of place. What are some of the other apps in that section? (That's a genuine question....I'm not running GNOME right now.) Calculator: add big numbers; Character map: find that one character you just barely remember; Gedit: edit your random text files; Terminal: with one wrong move DESTROY YOUR SYSTEM.

To me, it would make much more sense to put it in "System Tools" because (for me) when I open a Terminal I almost always need to do something to my System. Also, when a new user migrates to Linux, it being under System Tools instead of Accessories will help give it the weight and importance it deserves.

Thoughts? Comments? Other people that use KDE instead of GNOME?

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