Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shoutout #2: TeraCopy

Something I have been very, very bad at thus far is donating to free software services, not because I do not want to give the money, but because I am forgetful. So to help, I'm going to try to write a blog post for each project I donate to, which (A) will help motivate and remind me, and (B) helps get the word out about software I love. And these are going to be the pieces of software that I love; I am not being paid by them to praise their software, I am paying them and praising their software. A very small price to pay for how often I have used these programs and how much they have helped me. This certainly doesn't mean that I won't ever donate to a project more than once, but I would like to donate to all my favorite projects before I double back.

So without further ado, I introduce TeraCopy: my lifesaving tool when I am on Windows. It's really kind of hard to describe what makes TeraCopy so great because it just works. Which is much more than can be said of the built-in Windows Copy system. They sound like small features, but TeraCopy implements them wonderfully:

Pause a copySuch a handy tool! If you need to access your disk for some other reason, or maybe you want to make sure that you are copying the right thing.

Skip files when errors occur instead of stopping
I'm not sure if Windows 7 added this support natively, but back in Windows XP, it was a major lifesaver. If a program is using a file, no sweat, skip it and then you can try again later, instead of stopping mid-job and trying to figure out what was copied so far without having to re-write everything again.

File list/Queue
This really helps you keep track of where you are at! Instead of just "Copying " you get every single file you are going to copy, its size, and location in the list. Now if you are wondering how long it will be until a certain copy is filed so you can begin working on it, you don't have to wonder anymore! Such a lovely feature.

On top of everything else, TeraCopy claims to be faster, and I have to agree. Ever since I switched to it, I felt like my copy and move operations were given fresh energy.

There's not much else to say. After getting fed up with the default Windows copier, I switched to TeraCopy and will never ever look back. To be clear, TeraCopy is free, and even portable; CodeSector (the authors) offer a Pro version for businesses and with a few more features. The nice thing about the TeraCopy license is that it is a lifetime license, which means that if you say "thank you" to the developers, you get lifetime updates to an awesome product.

Check out TeraCopy!

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