Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dvorak & touch typing

A good long while ago, I decided to try to switch to the Dvorak keyboard layout, with little success. But I'm going to give it another go. Here are some observations:
  • Switching your physical keys to Dvorak is not enough, but it will help you get better at touch typing qwerty.
  • Don't expect to just switch cold turkey. You will face some scenario (e.g. IMing with a friend or trying to write code) that will frustrate you to no end.
  • Have a reference so you don't have to keep looking under your hands. Either a print out or an image always on top.
  • There are resources available. Use them. Dvorak.nl is an awesome online resource, or any others in the Dvorakzine.
  • Learn a little at a time. The first link above starts with the home row starting positions, then moves to the whole home row, then so on to the whole layout.
With that I'm going to wrap it up because I am at 100 words per 12 minutes. Not quite unbearable, but annoying for sure.


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