Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Raspberry Pi and HDMI

I finally got my Raspberry Pi in the mail (woot!) and have had the chance to toy around with it a little. After trying both Debian Squeeze and Arch ARM, I couldn't get HDMI working for either. The RCA video was working though, so I tried that and it worked splendidly.

To get HDMI working, I simply followed this guide I found at Coded Structure, essentially saying to create a file at /boot/config.txt with the contents:
 After rebooting, HDMI worked just fine. That's unfortunately all I've had the chance to do with the R-Pi just yet.

I'm curious though, would people be interested in a podcast about the Raspberry Pi? I'd be very interested in trying to start it and would love to find someone that could be a co-host. I'm thinking maybe bi-weekly to start out, maybe 30-45 minutes per episode, since there probably isn't going to be a ton of news about the Pi. If you're interested, whether it be in co-hosting or if you would simply listen to it if it existed, please drop a comment to this post.

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