Friday, July 6, 2012

Simple bash script for checking pendingDeleted

Back when I really wanted to snag, it was in a pendingDeleted status for quite some time and I wasn't exactly sure when it would expire and I was uber paranoid, so I wrote a little bash script. All it requires is bash (or some other shell), whois, and mail.

while [ $GOTIME != 0 ]; do
    whois | grep --quiet pendingDeleted
    echo "($COUNTER) $( date +%r)"
    sleep 500
echo "IT IS TIME" | mail

(The e-mail actually sent to my phone so I would essentially be text-notified, but I changed it for obvious reasons.) I'm certainly not proficient in bash scripting yet, but I ran across this when moving my files over to Arch (a post is forthcoming) and I just thought "Aww, how cute". And maybe one day, when Qweex has inevitably made me a million dollars, people will look back at this as to how it all started.

If I recall correctly, this didn't work.


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