Monday, August 6, 2012

I love LOVE

If you haven't heard of mari0, get your head out of the ground and go download it. It was an awesome idea and awesome implementation, but more important to me is that it introduced LOVE to me.

LOVE (technically "LÖVE", but I'm too lazy to type it like that all the time) is a 2D framework for Lua for games. A while ago, I got bored and tried to make 2 different card games in C++, because I had thought of how I could do certain things in OOP. But as soon as it came to UI, I screeched to a halt. Now that I've found LOVE, and Lua is OO, I'll probably be able to port what little I had for both and continue.

I haven't used LOVE too much so far but it is really simple to use (especially on Linux.) Running Arch, the several different entries in the AUR failed, so I just downloaded and compiled it with no problems. (packer probably grabbed the dependencies, so I'd recommend at least trying the AUR first.) After that, it was as simple as downloading the example and typing 'love' to see my LOVE install in action.

There's a really helpful guide on getting started with LOVE, even with a "Hello World" example, but I didn't want to have to keep compressing the Lua files to Love files just to mess around, so to get around this, I discovered that all you had to do was just to pass a directory to love, like "love example" or "love .".

I also love that there is an entire "Programming in Lua" book available online, just like Git. That will probably be my next read, especially if I want to move forward in LOVE.


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