Monday, August 6, 2012

Richard Stallman's speech requirements

This is really more out of interest than trying to bash RMS, but I found this quite a while ago and it really does shape your perception on how you see someone.

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As an ideologist, I tend to stand behind Richard (although not 100%), but as a person, this just seems so extremely persnickety. This is something that you'd expect to hear on a movie where some extremely important royal figure wants everything correct down to a T. I mean, he talks about how much sugar he likes in his drinks and what temperature he prefers to sleep at. The stuff concerning GNU and free software, I understand, it's all the more picky stuff that -quite frankly- most of us just learn to make small compromises (if choosing regular Pepsi over Dier Pepsi could even even be considered a "compromise"). Like I said though, this isn't at all to insult Richard; some of the points he makes are just things that a lot of people probably think but don't have the courage to say:
When I'm trying to decide what to do, often I mention things that
MIGHT be nice to do--depending on more details, if it fits the
schedule, if there isn't a better alternative, etc.  Some hosts take
such a tentative suggestion as an order, and try moving heaven and
earth to make it happen.  This excessive rigidity is not only quite
burdensome for other people, it can even fail in its goal of pleasing
 I'm just saying that it seems like Richard could be a bit more tactful when discussing some of the points:
I do not eat breakfast.  Please do not ask me any questions about
what I will do breakfast.  Please just do not bring it up.

It's kind of an interesting read, although decently useless, unless you want to prepare to meet RMS someday or something.

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