Thursday, January 16, 2014

The End

If it hasn't become clear by the timespan between the last few posts, this blog has been neglected. In the past I would say that it's because I've been distracted or busy with other things or just lazy, but it has actually been purposeful this time.

The motivations that I initially had when creating this blog -mostly to document what I did day-to-day so I could look back and feel that my time was well spent- have become less relevant and the goal of the content that I would like to put on a blog has changed. Random 1 paragraph posts, talking about old video games, and longwinded rants about a variety of topics really aren't what I'd like to write about anymore, when I eventually find time and motivation to blog.

So it is with much sobriety (ok, just a little sobriety) that I am "closing" this blog. I'd like to think that it's hopefully signifying my evolution from "Aspiring Nerd" into "Actual Nerd" -time will tell.

If you'd like to follow any future blogging I will do or not do, you can check out my blog at Qweex, which will be much more heavily focused on software development and updates about the software I develop.

Thanks for reading. I can't think of a clever sendoff.