Things I like

Web places I visit every day/frequently, shop on, or use as an authority on its topic.

Gmail: E-mail, enhanced by the geniuses to Google.

Facebook: Social networking must-have.

Google Reader: Online RSS reader.

Twitter: Micro-social networking.

Mint: Free online money management.

CDUniverse: Great seller of CDs and DVDs; low prices, great stock, good customer service.

Amazon:Everything in the world + Super Saver Shipping = amazing.

Grooveshark: Free, online listening service.

Threadless: Creative/Funny shirts made by the community.

ThinkGeek: Overpriced nerdy paraphernalia.

Steam: Cheap games!

Woot: One good deal every day.

Google Voice: Online answering machine.

IconsGator: Free, hi-quality icons.

Newegg: Wonderful site to buy computer parts.

TigerDirect: Great site to buy computer parts; awesomeness rivaling that of Newegg.

ConvertIcon: A-MAZING site for dealing with ICO files; great for converting between PNG and ICO.

Software I must have, either on my PC at home, or on my thumbdrive (if possible).

Mozilla Firefox: Open-source gem and savior of the internet.

Google Chrome: Fastest browser on the web.

GIMP: Poor man's photoshop.

Pidgin: IM client to rule them all.

7-zip: Excellent compression.

CCleaner: Computer crap exorcist.

Audacity: Audio editor.

TeraCopy: Outstanding copy tool.

WinDirStat: Graphical representation of disk space.

RocketDock: Pretty, shiny, non-Mac.

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder: Find keys to software.

Taskbar Shuffle: Master the taskbar. Even though I don't use it with bbLean.

HijackThis: Dangerously powerful safety tool.

Revo Uninstaller: Really remove installations.

Steam: Games!

Handbrake: Rip DVDs to various formats, even iPod compatible.

Due Yesterday: Amazing Palm app to keep track of school assignments; saved my butt through several semesters, and it's free.

Adobe Air: Cross platform, good looking internet apps. Woohoo!

Games I've played and absolutely loved. (For PC, mostly. Console games are an entirely different matter.)

Left4Dead: Z-day.

Left4Dead 2: Z-day part 2.

Dead Space: Repairman fights space zombies.

Half Life: "Gordon Freeman!"

Audiosurf: Surf the notes of your music.

Mirror's Edge: Parkour. With guns.

Portal: This was a triumph.

Battle for Wesnoth: Free fantasy turn-by-turn strategy game (and it's cross platform).

Videos and such:
Video series/collections that I never get tired of watching. Mostly flash stuff.

Madness Combat: Rayman + The Matrix - Keanu Reeves = OWNAGE.

Ask A Ninja: With great wisdom, comes death.

Homestarrunner: Everybody, everybody.

Legendary Frog: Animator who loves pie.

Legend of Zelda, UO: Fanmade Zelda series.

Youtube Channels:
I'm not really a Youtuber, but here's a few techy channels that I absolutely love.

jimmyrcom: Jimmy Ruska ( makes A-MAZING videos with that have interesting topics and are easy to understand. So much I know know I learned from JimmyR.

mobilephone2003: Duncan used to make really good informative videos and had good insight into alot of things. More recently, he's gone a tad tech crazy (3 Youtube channels, 2 Twitters, 3 websites).

skikarl: Just a good tech channel with Karl, who is very down to earth.