Things I dislike

Windows Movie Maker: Horrid Windows software that crashes every four seconds.

Internet Explorer: Default Microsoft web browser, worsening with each version.

Crappy-Text Video Tutorials: Tutorials on Youtube that don't have audio (or a crappy rap song as audio) and just have the instructions as WMM text or typing into Windows Notepad.

Myspace: Website made for (1) Stalkers, (2) Stalkees, and (3) Stupid people.

Almost anything written in Java: With the exception of Datacrow, RSSOwl, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and Runescape. (Come on, that game was amazing....for being written in Java.)

  Norton and McAfee: I don't like paying for antivirus, much less paying for crap.

  Talking ads: I personally would punch every freaking advertiser in the face who thought that adding sound to their ads was a good idea. No joke.

tYpInG lIkE tHiS: Are you aware that when I read that, I automatically visualize you as a monkey typing your comment in between poo flinging sessions?

Too many exclamation points!!!!!!!: This tells me that what you're trying to say is not really all that important so you're trying to back it up with excessive punctuation.

Stereotypical chain e-mail: Splitting the text up into lines with size 100 font, with the ugliest font face, making me scroll down 10 pages worth to read one sentence. I'm sorry, I thought 1999 ended 10 years ago...

Using "lol" like it's a period at the end of every sentence lol: I can understand using it when you are not laughing outloud. BUT STOP USING IT LIKE IT'S OXYGEN.

OS fanboys: I don't care what you say, your preferred OS is not perfect, or even better than the others in every situation.